Terms of Service

Sessions are 2 hours long unless otherwise agreed upon.

Private Tutoring packages used for academic tutoring include any supplementary books/materials the tutor deems necessary. ISEE and HSPT packages include sample exams, a GE strategy guide, and a silent stopwatch. Packages used for ACT and SAT prep include an official study guide, a GE strategy guide, a silent stopwatch, and binders of additional exams as needed. If any materials are lost or damaged, parents/students are welcome to purchase replacements on our website or by calling the office.

Packages purchased are non-refundable, but they are transferrable among equivalent types of tutors/counselors. Hours can also be transferred to a sibling. Hours expire after 6 months of inactivity unless otherwise specified in writing.

If the parent or student is not satisfied with the assigned tutor/counselor after the first session, Great Expectations College Prep agrees to send another tutor/counselor to repeat the first session, free of charge.

Payment can be made one of three ways:
Online — pay by credit or debit card on our website at https://www.gecollegeprep.com/pricing
Phone — pay by credit or debit card by calling the office at 888-917-7737
Mail — send check or money order to 555 S. Barrington Avenue, Suite 101, Los Angeles, CA 90049

All payments must be received before sessions can be scheduled. (NOTE: The billing system Great Expectations College Prep uses, PrepPortal, deducts hours when a tutor/counselor creates session reports, which simultaneously logs the tutor’s/counselor’s hours for payroll; if there are no hours remaining for the system to deduct, the tutor/counselor cannot complete the process to get paid!)

The tutor/counselor reserves the right to cancel a session if a payment has not been made.

All parties are expected to update their contact information in PrepPortal should it change at any time.

The tutor/counselor will communicate directly with the parent and/or student for all scheduling matters. Scheduling is done on a first-come, first-served basis; last minute scheduling requests cannot always be granted, so booking sessions as far in advance as possible is strongly recommended. Great Expectations College Prep cannot guarantee availability of tutors/counselors and is not responsible for any resulting damages.

All parties agree to arrive on time, fully prepared. If any party is more than 10 minutes late, he/she must inform the other via text or phone to avoid the assumption of a “no-show.”

If the tutor/counselor is late, he/she will do whichever is most convenient for the parent and student: stay late to complete the full length of the session, or end at the agreed-upon time and only charge for the time worked, making up for the lost time at the next session.

If the student is late, the tutor/counselor is entitled to leave at the previously agreed-upon time and bill for the full length of the session.

The tutor/counselor will assign the homework deemed necessary for the student’s success. The tutor/counselor will record assignments along with the date and time they are due (if determined). The parent and student understand that homework is absolutely vital to improvement and is up to the student to complete. Great Expectations College Prep is not accountable for lack of progress on the student’s part if homework assignments are not completed.
For test prep students, the tutor will also assign full exams in a single sitting (3.5-4 hours) to build endurance and focus. While the Great Expectations College Prep strongly recommends utilizing our proctored exams, a Student may take an exam independently but is encouraged to do so in an unfamiliar setting in order to closely mimic the real testing environment.

Great Expectations College Prep offers proctored exams for standardized tests on most Saturdays and Sundays at various locations. Test prep students are encouraged to take these proctored exams to supplement tutoring sessions. Proctored exams can be scheduled by contacting contact@gecollegeprep.com and purchased at www.theprepportal.com/proctored-exams. If no payment is made, the Great Expectations College Prep will deduct 0.5 tutoring hours from the student’s account.

Private Tutoring packages come with three free proctored exams for every 10 hours purchased. Founder's Circle packages and Founder packages come with unlimited proctored exams. Proctored exams are valid for the duration of the package and should be used prior to the package completion.

Session Reports are online summaries and updates of the student’s strengths, weaknesses, improvements, etc. Once the tutor/counselor enters his/her notes on PrepPortal, the parent and student will receive an automatic report via email within 24 hours of the completion of a session.

The parent and student agree to review said Session Reports and contact the tutor/counselor with any questions or concerns. They also agree to clarify any assignments or suggestions that are, in any way, unclear.

Great Expectations College Prep offers a 10% credit for any referrals parent and/or students send its way. The new family must mention the referring parent’s (or student’s) name when initially booking their package to activate the credit. If two unrelated parents and/or students refer the same family, they will each get a 5% credit.

The referral credit is not applicable if a new family joins a referring family’s group for group tutoring; it is only applicable for private tutoring/counseling packages.

All parties acknowledge that they have been introduced to one another by Great Expectations College Prep.

Parents and students specifically acknowledge that their respective tutors/counselors are contracted/employed by Great Expectations and have been referred in good faith; they therefore agree to not do business privately for a period of five (5) years after the final session with the company.

Great Expectations College Prep recommends that a parent be present during all sessions held in the home. Should the parent disregard this recommendation, he/she releases Great Expectations College Prep and the tutor from any/all liability.

Sessions may also be held in a public location including but not limited to a library, coffee shop, bookstore, etc. Whether a session is held inside the home or in a public location, the parent and student agree to hold harmless the company and tutor/counselor from liability for personal injury or property damage which may arise by reason of, or as a result from, participation in or travel to/from said activities.
Great Expectations reserves the right to remove a tutor/counselor from any situation that it considers dangerous, inappropriate, or otherwise unacceptable.