Proctored Exams

One of the unique services we offer during our proctored exams is that our proctor walks around and notes the progress each student is making at different time markers; he/she will then advise the student's tutor whether he/she is behind pace vs. ahead of pace, going in order of the questions vs bouncing around, etc. This gives us a LOT of information to work with, so we strongly recommend signing up for as many exams as possible!

We regularly host proctored exams at the Beverly Hills Library, Pacific Palisades Library, and the UCLA Powell Library, as well as occasionally at other locations. Exams are typically held on Saturdays at 9:30 or 10:00am or Sundays at 12:00 or 1:00pm, depending on the library's opening time. 

REMINDER: If you purchase a Private Tutoring package, you receive THREE FREE proctored exams for every 10 hours purchased. If you purchase a Founder's Circle package or a Founder package, you receive UNLIMITED proctored exams. Proctored exams are valid for the duration of the package and should be used prior to the package completion.

Once you've purchased your proctored exam(s), please email us at to schedule your exam!

Want to better understand your proctored exam results, but not ready to commit to a package?  Our Test Prep Diagnostic allows students to take one of our proctored exams and then meet with a tutor for two hours to break down the results. Beyond simply going over wrong answers, the tutor will help determine whether the majority of errors were caused by lack of comprehension of the material (is the student missing key grammatical or mathematical concepts?), lack of test-taking strategy (is he/she unaware of when to guess vs skip, read vs skim, assume vs confirm?), poor pacing (does he/she run out of time and not finish sections?), anxiety (is the stress just too much?), or just silly mistakes (2+3=6). It gives you a better sense of how much help is needed and in what areas, and therefore how best to move forward. NOTE: If you would prefer to meet with a tutor in the Founder's Circle, which includes Great Expectations College Prep’s founder and curriculum creators -- all of whom have 10+ years of tutoring experience and among the best track records in the industry -- you can purchase a Founder's Circle Test Prep Diagnostic, instead.