Middle School Group Programs

While standardized tests certainly aren't perfect, they are intended to test general skills and knowledge gained in school. As opposed to waiting to learn standardized testing's tricks and traps, young students should try strengthening reading comprehension skills, grammar/writing skills, and fundamental math concepts early on. Knowing how to understand what you've read, whether by reading slowly or skimming quickly, is a skill that will serve you well not only through the rest of your academic career, but through life. Similarly, knowing how to communicate effectively and concisely through the written word and break down multi-layered math questions is equally vital to success.

Our group sessions max out at 5 students, which allows the tutor to give each student individual attention. Clients arrange their own groups and are able to schedule sessions at times that are convenient for everyone, which means students work alongside friends and/or classmates and can select session dates/times that work with their hectic schedules.

We have two unique programs for middle school students, which are outlined here:

General Study Skills (5 weeks) – $1,525 group total*

Want to improve your test-taking and study skills? Could you use a boost in your grades? Good organization and planning makes learning easier! This interactive program is for young students interested in efficient and effective use of active study strategies. You'll learn tools to prepare for tests and how to customize note-taking to find a system that works for you!

Each enrolled student receives the following:

  • 6 Group Tutoring hours (three 2-hour sessions) with a Test Prep Tutor to cover the core concepts on standardized tests
  • 3 hours (two 1.5-hour sessions) with a Study Skills Counselor to explore effective study skills and create a custom learning plan
  • All books, materials, etc

Introduction to Standardized Testing (6 weeks) – $1,925 group total*

Most young students are unfamiliar with the world of standardized testing, and this program will introduce them to the basic rules, strategies, and concepts of their exam of choice (HSPT or ISEE) in a relaxed environment.

Each enrolled student receives the following:

  • 10 Group Tutoring hours (five 2-hour sessions) to cover the fundamentals of the exam of choice (HSPT or ISEE)
  • 1 proctored exam
  • 1.5 Private Tutoring hours (one 1.5-hour session) at the end of the program to discuss the results with his/her tutor and devise a game plan moving forward
  • All strategy guides, books, materials, etc

* To determine your personal expense, simply divide the total cost of the program by the number of students in your group.