Founder (Jen Kaifesh) Packages

Founder packages cover sessions with Great Expectations College Prep's founder, Jen Kaifesh, who has 15+ years of experience and one of the best track records in the industry. These packages can be used for test preparation and/or college planning

NOTE: Founder packages include ALL necessary textbooks and materials as well as UNLIMITED proctored exams for the duration of the package. Proctored exams are valid for the duration of the package and should be used prior to the package completion.

10 hours – $4,000 (save $250)
20 hours – $7,800 (save $700)
30 hours – $11,400 (save $1,350) 

WEEKEND RATE: The Founder bills out at time-and-a-half on Saturdays and double-time on Sundays and holidays.


The number of hours you'll need depends entirely on three factors:

1. Grasp of the material being tested. If you already know all of the grammar rules and math formulas/concepts that show up on a standardized test, it will clearly require fewer hours to prepare you for the exam! That being said, most students have unexpected gaps in both (perhaps comma rules, function problems, etc), which will take time to both identify and address.

2. Application of good test-taking strategies. Do you pace yourself well? Do you know when to read carefully and when to skim? Are you comfortable with which questions to answer first, second...or even last?

3. Test-taking anxiety, distractibility, and mental endurance. Most teenagers have never had to focus for nearly 4 hours in a single sitting, nor have they taken an exam that carries so much weight. Learning to stay focused, build endurance, and minimize stress are key to succeeding on these standardized tests.

Don't know how many hours you want?  Our Test Prep Diagnostic allows students to take one of our proctored exams and then meet for two hours with Jen to break down the results. Additionally, once we know how well you are scoring to start and how well you WANT to score, it gives us a better sense of how much help is needed and in what areas.


The number of hours you'll need depends entirely on three factors:

1. Which parts of the process a student wants help with. We offer a wide range of college planning services and start with some students as early as seventh grade and others as late as senior year. Clearly, the more guidance a student wants, the more hours will be necessary.

2. How many schools a student is applying to, as well as which ones. Some college applications require zero essays while others require as many as twelve, so it's nearly impossible to anticipate the workload without a fairly firm college list in place.

3. How much involvement/guidance you would like. Some families only want us to tell them what needs to be done, and then they'll do it; others want us to oversee the process from start to finish, confirming receipt of every set of test scores and letters of recommendation, read every draft of every essay, et cetera.

Still want more guidance in choosing a package?  Set a College Planning Consultation (1.5 hours) with Jen and discuss the options.

Remember, there is no “right” way to tackle this process — it simply depends on what will make it the least stressful and most manageable for you and your family!


Rates are subject to change.