College Planning Consultation

Unsure how much help you'll need and what guidance we can offer? Familiarize yourself with our college planning services and set a 1.5-hour College Planning Consultation, which can be held in person or remotely, with a college counselor and discuss the options. The number of hours needed depends entirely on three factors:

1. Which parts of the process a student wants help with. We offer a wide range of college planning services and start with some students as early as seventh grade and others as late as senior year. Clearly, the more guidance a student wants, the more hours will be necessary.

2. How many schools a student is applying to, as well as which ones. Some college applications require zero essays while others require as many as twelve, so it's nearly impossible to anticipate the workload without a fairly firm college list in place.

3. How much involvement/guidance you would like. Some families only want us to tell them what needs to be done, and then they'll do it; others want us to oversee the process from start to finish, confirming receipt of every set of test scores and letters of recommendation, read every draft of every essay, et cetera.

Remember, there is no “right” way to tackle this process — it simply depends on what will make it the least stressful and most manageable for you and your family!

Already know how many hours you want?  Purchase a package of College Planning hours at a discounted hourly rate. 

Have you considered working with a Founder's Circle counselor?  Our Founder's Circle includes Great Expectations College Prep’s founder and select counselors who have 15+ years of college counseling experience and among the best track records in the industry. Purchase a Founder's Circle College Planning Consultation.