Academic Life Coaching

The ACADEMIC LIFE COACHING PROGRAM (10 hours) goes beyond basic study skills, helping students apply their learning style to earn better grades, understand their motivation style and become more proactive, reduce stress, boost confidence and excitement about their future, and develop valuable life skills. The program consists of four principles:

  1. Academic Systems – provides a foundation for creating sustainable systems to improve grades and reduce stress. The student's learning and academic thinking style are first identified, as well as his/her motivation and personality type. Students will be given valuable tools and exercises to put what they learn into practice.
  2. Personal Fluency –  increases the student’s self-awareness and builds fluency with his/her thoughts, emotions, and habits. With the counselor's guidance, the student will learn how to speak and interpret his/her internal language, discover what actions are needed to be more fulfilled, effective, and less overwhelmed.
  3. Leadership and College – focuses on personal leadership that naturally drives to the ability to create an outstanding college application. Leadership is not necessarily having a “leadership position” such as being the president of a school club or captain of a sports team. It is more about having a vision of what’s possible, what the student wants to create, and the impact he/she wants to have on the community. This concept is designed to help the student understand his/her particular brand of leadership.
  4. Support Team – the student will take part in consciously designing his/her support team. Learning when and how to ask for help effectively is an important skill that leads to creating a network and community of people who are committed to supporting the student and providing help when it is needed most.

For more information, please visit our Study Skills page.

Please note that while Study Skills hours/packages are non-refundable, they are transferrable among other counselors. Sessions are 1-1.5 hours long and additional hours can be purchased at the end of the package. Rates are subject to change.